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Performing Static Linear Analysis at Specific Temperature?

Question asked by Aaron Moncur on Apr 2, 2012
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Hi All,


I have SW Premium (i.e. am working with only the static linear simulation package) and would like to perform a static simulation on a part at a specific temperature.  My local rep wasn't exactly sure how to do this and so I'm hoping someone out there in the forum community will be able to answer my question.


I need to simulate an environment of -30F for this study, in which I will apply a simple static load to the part and observe how the mechanical stresses influence the part at the specified temperature.  I want this temperature maintained throughout the study (i.e. it is not a transient temperature study).  My VAR indicated that I might need to define a temp-dependent modulus of elasticity by filling in a table of temperature vs modulus in the "Tables & Curves" tab of the SW material properties window.  I am unsure of where I would find these temp vs modulus values.  Is filling in this table required for a static temp study?  If so, where might I find these values for a particular material?  To my knowledge, it's not something that's readily available on standard material data sheets.


There are also several thermal property fields in the material property window (thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, specific heat).  These are values I'd expect to have better luck finding on a standard material data sheet.  If I fill in these, would I still need to fill in the temp vs modulus table?  Or would I be able to use the standard material modulus if I'm able to locate these thermal properties?