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Discussion created by Guest on Feb 9, 2006
Good summary Peter. We currently use Matrix PDM with UG (I use Solidworks on the side contract). Matrix works like most other PDMs, files are checked out to a specified user folder. It's a nightmare when we need to collaborate on designs. In that case we use the network for our local work area but UG doesn't have settings to open referenced files read-only like Solidworks so it really blows. The CAD interface to Matrix isn't half as good as PDM/Works as there is no realy visual ques that you files need updating.

Up until the time I left my previous employer that used Solidworks, we were on the path of DBWorks. I liked PDM/Works GUI better but the use local files and lack of multi-site support killed it.

SolidWorks 2006 SP3.1 on WinXp SP2
UG NX on Win2000 SP3