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Wood Grain Direction CHANGES in PHOTOVIEW 360 (bug?)

Question asked by Ryan Hader on Apr 2, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2012 by Scott Arehart

OK.... this is a big pain in he butt... lol


I have gone through the trouble of making every wood grain exactly how the customer wants this represented... and as soon as I go to take a PHOTOVIEW 360 Rendered view it changes ALL of teh grain in the exact opposte (90deg) direction from what I had set it to.


If I try to alter that grain it refreshes and still seems to remain in whatever direction it wants to choose that to be....


I am using SW 2012... I know I did this in the 2011 package and it worked out OK...


here are some images of the cabinets... the first image is teh SW screen shot and the second image is the same view that has then been rendered....


I am trying to send out some photos today for the customer. and they are particularly critical on details like this....


any help would be greatly appreciated.


hopefully it is viewable from the size of the image. but this is the actual grain direction in the VERTICAL direction... screen shot from SW.

actual grain direction.jpg

here is the rendered PHOTOVIEW 360 view that changes the grain direction....  :S


rendered wrong grain direction.jpg