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Solidworks Simulation is putting non-existent bodies in the mesh

Question asked by Tim Johnson on Mar 30, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2012 by Tim Johnson

I am designing a chassis for a Formula SAE car and I'm doing some conceptual analyses on the cockpit portion.  There is a




- Solidworks keeps creating an extraneous beam element in the mesh that does not have any apparent basis in the model.  The body does not appear under the simulation body list

- The beam runs diagnol through the center of the cockpit, attaching at both ends to the main roll hoop



What I've Tried:


- Since my initial model was completely symmetrical, I put a couple diagnol members on the bottom.  Beam still appears

- Since there was no body anywhere in the middle of the cockpit (where the CG is located), I put a small structure (symmetrical) connecting the sides of the main hoop. Beam still appears




Has anyone seen anything like this before?  Any ideas on things to try or what the source of error might be?  I've attached the model

All input much appreciated.