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Importing / Opening *.c3d files (Positional Data into Volumetric Data)

Question asked by Eujin Pei on Mar 31, 2012

Hello Guys,


I am using a Vicon motion capture device that tracks the position of retro-reflective nodes which are worn by actors.

The native file from the Vicon system is in *.C3D.


I was wondering if it is possible to convert positional data (*.c3d) into volumetric data (eg. STL, IGES or STEP) for modelling in  Solidworks?


The Vicon capture device also exports positional data as a vfile (*.v); filmbox (*.fbx); camera calibrated file (*.CP); or as a threshold table (*.rtt).

Of these, the *.fbx is recognised by Autodesk Maya but I have not tried this. The preference would be to convert directly from *.c3d into *.stl for modelling.


Does anyone know of any plug-ins or convertors or third party software? Thank you.


Yours sincerely,