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    Crashes, Old graphics drivers, and dual monitors problems

    John Rehak

      Good morning!


      We here on the forum have discussed some of these problems in the past, with no apparent resolution. I have been having trouble opening SW files on my workstation since I started to use it 9 months ago. Basically, when I try to open any SW file at the beginning of a day, my workstation locks up and needs a hard restart. My RAM goes to 100% while my cpu hums along at 20-50%. This only happens after I open a new session of SW. Sometimes however, I need to restart my machine numerous times before I find a file that wants to open up.


      I have been back, forth, and all around this issue with BOTH of my VAR's. Neither have been able to find a solution. We have tried complete uninstalls, reg wipes, updating graphics drivers, changing performance settings, etc etc.


      Anyhow.. Today I uninstalled my graphics card driver which was not approved (thanks to an auto update). I then proceeded through the restart process to clear my memory, and re-installed the approved graphics card driver. With the approved driver, which is an older driver, my dual monitor setup will not function. Its an NVIDIA FX3800 card. Does anyone know a fix for this? I don't feel like the new driver has solved my crashing issues, so I am tempted to updated to the latest driver so I can have my dual monitors back.


      FWIW, I am running the following:


      HP EliteBook 8740w

      Windows 7 64-bit SP1

      Intel Core i7 CPU Q740 @1.73GHz

      8GB RAM

      Solidworks Premium  2012  SP 2.0


      Incase anyone wonders about the crashing, I am not pulling files across a network, all of my work is right on my desktop. Also, this issue has been present since I was running SW 2011. Since then I have completely uninstalled SW twice, erasing everything. Clean uninstalls. Also, once I get SW to open up and work correctly, it will last like that as long as I don't start a new session of SW. And while I am working, my RAM rarely reaches 40%, while my CPU hovers around 20% if I am doing some heavy work. Rendering of large assemblies will push my CPU upwards of 80% and will push my RAM towards the same level. However, it has no problem dealing with these kinds of actions.


      Thanks for the help! (again)