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    SWW - 20 tips and tricks

      I want to thank the many SW users - both at the conference and those that did not attend for the constructive comments that they've taken the time to give me on the presentation.


      Alin Vargatu of Javelin found some ways to further simplify some of the examples I offered for creating 3Dsketch cut (create a ref point center of surface and attach an axis to it - this can be used for the cut vector.) My intent here (in case I did not show it) is that you can use a single 3Dsketch to build the cut profile as well as the directional vector (just remember to make the sketch line for the direction construction before you try to do the extrude.

      Also Alin showed further simplifying the "speed modeling with the minimum of sketching example" (instead of using rule surface and then surface cut - just draft along partline.) Good one - thanks Alin.


      Also, some of you commented why I kept going over to the dimension property pane to change the driven vs. driving option instead of just going to the RMB menu. I'm aware of this and use this regualarly, but I have been aware of an existing issue and avoid doing that: the reason being is that there is an issue (since SW2010) when projecting SW that this option on the RMB does not show up on the RMB at all - and this only when you are projecting.  This also occurs with the standard view toolbar (spacebar) in that when projecting - it doesn't show up at all.  Are any others of you see this?


      Also, when doing the repair dimension part of th presentation, why didn't I just use the flip button in the dimension HUD instead of typing in a negative number? Well, I'm living proof of "it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks!"