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drawing templates/drawing drawings

Question asked by David Heverin on Mar 30, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2012 by Jerry Steiger

Okay, this is probably a SolidWorks Drawings basic question, but it is a problem that is driving me NUTS!  I created drawing formats that have two tables in them.  One of them is the REVISION table and the other is a GENERAL TABLE.


When a user starts a NEW drawing he sees a dialogue box that will show a selection of formats to choose from.  I want the user to only be shown the DRAWING files of the formats which retain the two tables that I have created and saved as party of the file.  I DO NOT want them to see (or select) the TEMPLATE file which DOES NOT show the two aforementioned tables.


Also, I have a batch of drawings which were done using a format TEMPLATE instead of the desired FORMAT DRAWING and as expected my tables do not appear.  Is there a way to replace the TEMPLATE format with the DRAWING format?


I am not sure if I am even asking the right questions......... HELP!


I think my problem stems from not having a clear understanding of the difference between template files and drawing files and how SW handles each.