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automated design table

Question asked by CJ Gorrell on Mar 29, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2012 by Walter Fetsch

I have a drawing that has both driven and non-driven dimensions.  I need the ability to create a design table where I have 3 parameters listed.  One of them is driving, and the other two are driven.  I then need to be able to input a range of values into the driving parameter, and somehow get the resulting driven parameter values from the driving parameter.  I believe that this can be done, either with a design table or through the use of a macro/ excel. 







I am doing this for a school project where I model a car.  I input a suspension parameter and then I can view the resulting response value to my input.  So in this case I am doing a rear steer study, where I have a drawing that I can change the front steering angle, and I can then see what the optimal rear steering angle is for a slalom maneuver.  My end goal is to use the data to make a M x N table that determines the rear steer angle for a given steering angle and velocity, that I can use for a logic controller.


concept as I see it:


make a table,  create a list of values in column A, solidworks reads a value in column A and changes a specified dimension to match, solidworks then exports the new dimensions of several other parameters as a result of changing the one dimension.  This process is then looped for all values in column A.