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Getting latest version of toolbox automatically

Question asked by Tony Dugan on Mar 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2012 by Cliff Gordon



i am having a huge problem with the PDM toolbox. as of right now there is me and one other engineer using the system. now when one of us makes a change to the toolbox (i.e. adding a new part number to the database) the changes don't seem to automatically update. so if i make a change, my partner would have to go through the explorer to the location we mapped our toolbox to, from here he would have to click on the folder inorder to get the latest. is there a way to make this a prompt or just automatically update? when ever you open a part file the system asks you if you would like to get the latest version. this is what im trying to achieve with the toolbox.


it also seems that whenever i open up the configure toolbox, it asks if i want to checkout the toolbox. even though i click yes the toolbox doesn't appear checkout out on the server. its a very confusing situation. because inturn that means if i do not make change to the toolbox by adding new configurations into an assembly, then check that assembly back in, those changes are not saved. i tested this by opening the toolbox making a change then closing it, when closed a prompt says it is being checked in. but when i go to the explorer it says its checked out?????


so in short, how can i make changes to the toolbox that will be saved and my partner can see automatically when he opens up his toolbox?