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Controlling Wanted/Unwanted Corner Reliefs?

Question asked by Eric Porter on Mar 29, 2012
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I have been dealing with Solidworks and sheet metal corner "fixes" for awhile now.  A lot of it has to do with SW not wanting to stretch/hammer/deform sheetmetal.  Understandable, but common practice in the metalworking world.  So, how do we work around it?  I often have to unfold, add material, and fold.  OR, I add the material in the flat pattern.  This missing corner material is important to me, as we're using the flat patterns to create files for our laser cutter.  Sinks tend to not work so well when there are holes  in the corners...


Recently Mike Culp mentioned an approach he found to dealing with SWs unwanted corner reliefs in sheet metal parts.  Thanks for that.


Mar 10, 2012 6:56 PM (in response to Brooks Peschke)

  Re: unwanted auto relief when importing and converting to sheet metal     

Try this trick I just found. I created this part as a solid with fillets on the corners to be bent. Added a shell to the correct thickness for the material. I then had to suppress the fillet so I could add a rip in the corners. This rip was only .001" to show the capibilities. The fillets were unsuppressed and bends were added from the sheet metal menu. This utilizes round bends instead of sharp bends. Round bends seem to be more accurate than sharp. Now I may find something about using round bends I don't like later but for now I'm impressed.


(Strange, I get a warning that the part intersects itself after I flatten and fold the flat pattern.)


This approach yields good results as far as eliminating corner reliefs.  The extrude-fillet-shell-suppress fillet-rip-unsupress fillet-insert bends process works much better than the Convert to Sheet Metal.  There are many ways to work in SW Sheet Metal, so I ran through a few of them. 


Anyone else have any ways to get corners to work?  This is a 12" cube, with .060 walls, and a .6875 radius.


Some examples:


Extrude-fillet-shell-suppress fillet-rip-unsupress fillet-insert bends process:  NICE! THIS IS WHAT WE WANT!


Extrude-fillet-shell-suppress fillet-rip-unsupress fillet-Convert to Sheet Metal process: (looks funky as it would only work with thickness reversed)


Extrude-shell-rip-insert bends process:



Extrude-fillet-Convert to Sheet Metal process:




Extrude-Convert to Sheet Metal process: