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Projecting sketch on plane (not perpendicular to the plane)

Question asked by Morne Mocke on Mar 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by Dan Pihlaja

I have a strange problem I am struggling with.  I will describe the problem and the 3 screen shots would help to clarify my description.


The sketch is drawn on a plane (plane 2) that is slightly angled relative to the top plane. Another plane (plane4) is inserted above this plane and is also angled relative to the to the top plane but in both directions and is not parrallel to the top plane or plane 2.  I need to project the sketch on plane 4 but not perpendicular to plane 4.  The projection should be perpendicular to the top plane but on plane 4. 


I have tried to project the sketch but was only able to do it perpendicular to the plane.  The other option was to create a sketch on plane 4 and switch the view to normal to the top and draw on plane 4.  The problem with this is that the original sketch is on a different plane and the cursor/points does not snap to the original points so i am basically tracing the shetch as viewed from that angle and accuracy will not be spot on.


Any ideas or help with this regard will be appreciated.



Morné Mocke