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    Change an stl's Relative Position in reference to the Coordinate System

    Giannis Gennarakis

             Hi Everybody!!


      I'm in some trouble with Solidworks for a long time trying to relocate an object and export it in stl format. I have a cylinder (stl format) and I try to find a way to move it a few millimeters in one of the axis directions. I want to specifically move the object to a new position by placing a new value somewhere. (and not by clicking to a point on the object as is in  Reference Geometry -> Coordinate System). The reason I want to do that is to use it in a simulation programm which compiles many parts like this and some times one of them is not in the right position in respect to the other. I would really appreciate if you could help.


            Thanks in advance,


            Giannis Gennarakis


      P.S. You can see the cylinder in my SW interface here.....   http://dl.dropbox.com/u/56949132/Solidworks%20E1.jpg . Also the previous discusion on this which was not solved is here.....   https://forum.solidworks.com/message/280457#280457 .