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Toolbox 2012 Configuration Name Customization

Question asked by Alexey Groutso on Mar 27, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2012 by Frank Bos

Ok it’s time to throw convention out of the window.


I have a problem, problem is Toolbox Fasteners default configuration names ie:


"B18.2.4.1M - Hex nut, Style 1,  M10 x 1.5, with 16mm WAF --D-C" <--- that


I'm quite sure that I'm am not alone on this one but this configuration name is, to put it plainly 'inconvenient' I've spend hours of time on renaming configurations every time I created a new one just so it shows up plain and simple to understand and have finally hacked SolidWorks to get what I need or to be precise "SWBrowser.mdb" file.


As a reasonable result I can now have my default configuration name on creation to be:


"M10 NUT BK"


This saves me lots of time to look though long and tiresome configuration names until I find the right one. Short, simple and straight to the point. I'm still however forced to deal with not being able to have a blank part number " " when adding this configuration into a list, what i have to do instead is to open the part and manually change this from filename to "User Specified Name" and enter a space. This is however another issue that I will leave for now.


What you can probably guess from the title is that now all this effort is being made redundant. as now "SWBrowser.mdb" file is no longer used to store all this information and everything is instead stored in fastener file. I refuse to stop there.


I have opened a file (with Notepad, WordPad, OpenMcdf and other) programs and I FOUND the same piece of information that controls default configuration name, but unfortunately this is as far as I got because when I try to open file in SolidWorks it works but if I try to create new configuration it gives up on me with a for too common "SolidWorks Error Report". To be perfectly honest I'm not surprised, it was a very long shot. But my point is that information is there. HOW CAN I CHANGE IT? This is going far beyond the call of duty (no pun intended) but this simple change will save me, and my company potential hours of work).


So if anyone out there is still following me and has an input on the situation, I would love to hear from you.