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Tolerance & custom properties

Question asked by Michael Langley on Mar 27, 2012

Our company uses blank (as in blank part) drawings and excel created "in process check" sheets so that the machine operators have a sheet that calls out the needed dimensions and tolerances. it also includes some other data such as proper drills/feeds&speeds etc. our parts a very similar so they are all created with configurations via design table. the down side is we have to maintain (and update) a 3D cad file, the drawing files, and the check sheets.


i would like to combine the check sheets into the soildworks drawing (as a secondary sheet) and the end goal would be that i can update the design table or 3D model and it updates the print (which it already does) as well as the check data. i know about custom properties so i can link all the dimensions in the drawing with the appropriate spots on sheet 2 (check sheet)


my problem is that i would like to do something similar with the associated tolerances. i cannot get those into a custom property so if someone can show me the right direction as to what solutions their are.


as a side note as well i would like to open 1 drawing and add the check sheet and just change the configuration in the drawing and then save as another part number. is their an api that can change the configuration in a specified view, update, and then save as new (configuration name will do)?