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Thermal Study

Question asked by Fereshteh Ali Azizi on Mar 27, 2012



I am new to the community. I want to simulate peltier (thermoelectric) effect and also the effect of Phase Change Material (PCM) in keeping the cold temperature

for longer period in solid works simulation. I have done some experiments with peltier devices and PCM.


My primary model consists of the following items:


- An aluminium box filled with PCM

- At the bottom of this box I want to put three peltiers for instance


Then apply the power equal to 5Watts for 10 minutes to each peltier for example and see how would be the temperature distribution along the aluminium box.


The most power that I can apply to the peltiers is 5Watts for each peltier.


when you apply the power to the peltier devices one side gets cold and one side gets hot.


In my experiments I wanted the hot side of the peltiers be in contact with the bottom part of the mentioned aluminium box, so at around 42 degree celcius the PCM

would be melted.


I need to find out how would be the temperature distribution for the aluminium box filled with PCM and also for the peltiers that one side of them would be cold

and one side would be hot when I apply the power. Then if it is needed I would increase or decrease the number of peltiers at the bottom of the aluminium box. 


I want to know that is it possible to do such a thing solid works simulation? If yes, how can I do it step by step?


Thanks in advance


Kind regards

Fereshteh Ali Azizi