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    impact attenuator

    Ismael Asensio

      Hello! I am a student who is working on the Formula Student. I have to make an Impact attenuator to absorb a blow in the event there is. I made a model in SolidWorks priamidal with 3 aluminum honeycomb panels. The problem comes when the mesh, the program gives me an error when meshing the largest honeycomb panel. Anyone have any idea how to fix this problem?


      Thanks and greetings!

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          Bill McEachern

          Sounds like test is your best option. SWX sim does not have the right stuff for this class of problem. You need a damage model and robust NL dynamics likely an explicit code would be best. Say LS Dyna. This assumes that the bumbper is design to absorb energy as it is crushed which seems likely since honeycomb was choosen.