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    Exporting 2d (or3d) sketch coordinates to excel/notpad, macro?

    Josh Steele



      I'm trying to export sketch coordinates to an excel or notepad file, but haven't found a way to do that yet. I haven't seen a solidworks function that does it already, nor did I find one from searching the internet. I've seen that some people may have made a macro to do this in 3d using reference points. I don't really care whether I have to set up reference points or it interprets, but I am curious if anyone has a good way to export those sketch points. I tried one macro I found but the code had an error and I couldn't fix it. I know someone will suggest making a .step file and trying to get the coordinates from that, but the only post I found on that was vague. And searching lines would prove cumbersome for a high number of data points, however if this is the best option I'm certainly not above this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.