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    Character Limit on variable link with office documents

    Daniel Hunter

      Probably more a question for microsoft office forums than Solidworks but I thought I'd ask anyway incase somebody has had the same problem.


      Basically my current ECO process links many variables taken from the EPDM template.  One of these is for description and can quite often be detailed, seemingly there is a character limit on office document properites of 256 characters.  So while the datacard will capture the full detail of the description the user inputs, quite often the office file which automates this variable is not representative of this.  Does anyone know if it is possible to expand this figure or if there are any suitable work arounds I could use to avoid missing information in the office file itself?

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          Stephen Lapic

          I've tried to get past this, too.  I'm always told that it is a Microsoft thing and nothing can be done about it.  You can always create a couple of text fields for additional info and let the user know that there is a character limit in each.  I do hope someone knows a way around this issue.

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            Graham Stephenson

            Yes Daniel, you are correct in that there is a limit on the number of characters that can be stored as file properties in MS Office products.


            For SolidWorks files it’s around 1000 characters (Knowledge Base Solution S-034037),   for Office files it is 256 characters (Knowledge Base Solution S-047510).


            I'm not sure there is a work-around other than using more than one field but then that defeats the object of having a single desciption input on the card. You could maybe break it down into a simple "summary description" and then a "more details" feild that may help to keep the charactoes down.

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              Jason Capriotti

              The 255 limit in Office documents cannot be workaround short of some sort of custom programming that opens the Word file and enteres the text in a set location, could prboably be done with an add-in.


              Another option is to limit the description to 255 characters. You can create a data card field that counts characters, then use control logic to display a text box with maybe some text in red about more than 255 characters is not allowed. Then put a condition that doesn't allow the file to transition to the next workflow if the character count field is over 255.

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                Kevin Stickels

                WHat we have done as a work around is to have the larger text files copied from EPDM and pasted into Word at the end of the form as a "text" attachment in the form doc. The description in the data card says something of the, "see attached...". Not the cleanest method but it seems to be working.