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    Implementing ePDM on EqualLogic SAN

    Wayne Lehman

      I know that SolidWorks Enterprise PDM is not officially supported running on SAN storage, but does anyone have any expereince of doing so without any problems?


      After a couple of years of delaying, I have finally been charged with rolling out ePDM and I am looking to install ePDM 2012 in a VMware vSphere VM, which will be running on a EqualLogic iSCSI SAN.


      We will be migrating from our existing Unigraphics NX4/NX6 and Teamcenter 2007 environment. The initial ePDM database will store approximately 85,000 objects from the Unigraphics NX and Teamcenter environment, which currently totals approximately 120 GB. It will be accessed by a maximum of 20 users.


      Any advice on the SAN and your experiences of server requirements or any other 'gotchas' gratefully received.

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          Kris Hagen

          Hello Wayne,

          We are also implementing ePDM and have an issue with UG files.  I hope you can shed a little light on the subject.  From your email, it sounds like you are switching over to Solidworks.  Are you still going to use UG?  I am the sole UG user in our company.  I have found that Enterprise and UG dont like each other too much.  The revisions in Enterprise will not show up in the assembly navigator in UG.  Without this visual, I have no idea what revision I am working with.  This worries me.  Are you doing something different with your UG files or Enterprise integration?  If your no longer using UG, then maybe this is not a concern for you.