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Control over sketch orientation??

Question asked by Jeff Fouche on Mar 25, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by David Bapst

I have a situation in a complex skeleton model where at the very least I would like to align the Vertical and Horizontal in a given sketch to be parallel with something else.  I've tried creating a plane that is rotated to a suitable orientation, but have had no success.


Solidworks Help says "By default, the origin of a block is aligned to the orientation of the sketch entity. Use Align Grid/Origin to re-orient the coordinate system of a sketch or block if they are not in the desired orientation."  However, when I try to execute the command, nothing I pick shows up in the property manager - whether internal or external.  I found a workaround in the Knowledge Base (S-053893), but even it seems to no longer apply - creating a block still does not permit actually selecting anything.


My ProE-loving friends are all laughing right now.  Does SW2012 have any way of overriding the sketch orientation?


SW2012 SP2

W7 64Bit