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Question asked by Justin Binkley on Mar 24, 2012
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Hello FEA Friend!


I have a project to design a stand that holds equipment and it has become a challenging guessing games as to how much bracing and what tube size is adequate to reinforce this structure under load.  There are several stands stacked up and would also allow personnel to climb to the top with a ladder.  Its important for me to simulate so no lives are in danger as well as creating a design that is cost efficient.  I'm looking for some help to setup the file for simulation as I found it to be challenging to do with multi-body files and what better place to ask then on the SW forum.


I would be happy to upload the sldpart file; see below.  By the way I have solidworks premium so I can use the add-in of "simulation".  Furthermore, the model consists of a multi-body weldment.  By the way the members as welded with a 3/8" bead and material is ASTM A500 (carbon steel).


Thanks in advance.