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Analysis Stalls Whilst Solving Contact Constraints

Question asked by Alex MacLachlan on Mar 23, 2012


        Can anyone help? I am running SW2012 SP2.0, I am trying to run an analysis on a fairly simple assembly with lots of detail suppressed image below. I am interested in

finding out differing Displacements depending upon different types of flexure. (The flexure being the thin copper coloured component) As you can see below I am already able to run the analysis for one shape of the flexure. After changing the geometry the analysis stalls! I am running the model with no penetration (Global), each hole has a bolted connection. No doubt I am doing something incorrectly. Any ideas what might be causing the Analysis to stall? was wondering if I have over constrained? (very broad question I Know)


Thanks for the help guys. 

Flexture analysis.jpg


Flexture analysis Solved.jpg


Flexture Analysis Failed.jpg