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"Add to Route" No Longer Available

Question asked by D. W. Fulmer on Mar 23, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2012 by D. W. Fulmer

I'm having a weird issue.  Cruising along in SW 2012 working on a route.  Tried to right click and add a connection point to the route and "Add to Route" is longer available. It now says "Auto Route" (which is always there) and a few other options, including "Edit Route Cpoints" "Move Fitting with Triad" etc. (see picture 1).   If I go into a different route and try to add the same point "Add to Route" is available (see picture 2).  Not sure why this discrepancy is there.  I already have many Cpoints in this specific route.  Is there a maximum # of Cpoints you are allowed in one route?  Or did I unknowingly bump some setting?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!