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Create reference geometry from cross-section of Loft

Question asked by Deb Martin on Mar 23, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2012 by Alin Vargatu

Hi There,


I am working with lofts and trying to figure out how I can use some of the created section profiles and corresponding plane as reference geometry from a created loft.


For instance I have created a loft with top, bottom profiles and a midline sketch.  The loft is created that now has some complex cross sections that are following the midline from the bottom to top profile sketch.  I would like to grab the cross-section (profile) of the loft at a defined location between top and bottom of the loft and use this data as reference geometry.  For example I would like to create a Loft cut by creating an offset from the cross-section that was created from the reference geometry.


1.) I see that I can add a loft section as seen in image 1, which creates a sketch at a location within the loft, but after creating the sketch I cannot use it to create a reference plane ( no option in the reference geometry menu), Nor can I modify it with an offset entity without affection the loft (the loft no long builds).  If I copy and paste the created sketch it is pushed down to the top plane image 2.  So I am a bit of pickle of how to create some reference geometry from the loft?


2.) Is there a way to using section view to create reference geometry (image 3)?  It would be great nice if I could create a sketch/plane from location chosen in the section view?


Thanks for the suggestions?