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CVT Simulation

Question asked by Sean Dalton on Mar 22, 2012

I am experiment with simulating a continuously variable transmission or CVT in solid works motion

I manage to mimic the behaviour using a spring loaded middle wheel.

Initially I applied a constant torque and moved the middle wheel at constant speed.

Next I generated a torque profile using a formula containing the current angular velocity.

Next I added a formula to the middle wheel so that it would move only when the input shaft reached a speed corresonding to max torque.

The wheel then increments along adjusting the ratio so as to keep the input shaft at optimum torque.

Its a bit crude and would like to use a more sophisticad control algorthm.


I would like to improve the functionality in other ways but find the expression option a bit restrictive.

Ultimately I would like to simulate acceleration, crusing and deceleration etc in the one simulation if this was possible


CVT video attached