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Turning an IGES files (Curves) into a solid model for basic collision analysis.

Question asked by Gareth Pugh on Mar 22, 2012
Latest reply on May 3, 2012 by Bengt Gustafsson

Hello, I am a (very!) new user to solidworks and, through the help of some of your members, have been able to import an IGES file of an LNG ship into solidworks.


I have a series of curves, and not much else! I need to turn this into a solid object so that I can model some basic collisions, i.e. a point force on the hull of the ship etc.



I have tried using the "Inset -> Surface -> Fill" method, would this be suitable for producing a solid model? Or is there another method that may be quicker and more effective?



Any assistance you can offer would be massively appreicated!


Many thanks,




(P.s. I have uploaded a copy of the file!)