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configurations by design table

Question asked by Travis Roach on Mar 22, 2012
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I am studying for the CSWP test and I am studying the section of configurations and finding a "glitch"


For starters I am using the official SolidWorks professional cert. guide and DVD and when I pull there model in from the disk and save it to SW2012 it says to make a configuration from a design table which when I look over the 3 configurations and what the differences are all I notice is the material changes, when I open up the excel sheet and copy the -2 and paste it and rename it to -6 and do the rest of the tutorial and check the mass properties it is all out of whack. it doesn't show the same material as the -2 which should be alloy steel and it comes in as aluminum alloy which would make me fail the exam.. does anyone know why this is?? is it a glitch in my system?