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    Drag Vertex

    Matt Kadman

      Ok, so I'm sure this is a dumb question:


      for some reason when im sketching and draw a line I can no longer drag the vertex point around, I can move the line but not modify the vertex points. When I draw a rectangle and try to drag one of the edges it seperates from the retangle body. In the sketch settings the "detach segment on drag" is not activated.

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          Deepak Gupta

          Can you activate that option, drag lines in the sketch and then deactivate that option. Also restart SW or your machine and check.

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            Mike Cole



            Tools Sketch Settings > Overide Dims on Drag Move  maybe or the Sketch Auto Solve mode being deactivated might be issuesome. I've had problems with SolidWorks thinking I want to dettach in similar situations. Maybe Shift being held down or some other modifier it could cause issues so check your kb buttons.