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Changing part appearances

Question asked by Peter Ham on Mar 22, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2012 by Brian Watts

Hi all,


We have a system in place whereby our drawings are marked with either "Paint Colour 1" or "Paint Colour 2".


Colour 1 is the base colour for our internal parts, and is always satin black.

Colour 2 is the colour of the guards/covers etc


Our customers can specify what they want "Colour 2" to be, and when we send those parts to be painted, we advise the painters what colour 2 relates to for that particular batch.

What I'm experiencing now is requests from customers for images or eDrawings files of "their" machine, which results in me manually changing the appearance on around 30 different parts.


What I'm looking for is advice on the best method of implementing some system to change the appearance of a number of parts within an assembly. Unfortunately, there aren't say, 6 different standard colours we do. The customer could say we want RAL XXXX, so the possible colour options are massive.


As far as my tests have gone:

  • Configurations don't deal with appearances.
  • Changing the colour of a part in one configuration propogates through all configurations.
  • When creating a configuration, there is an option "Use configuration specific color", which sounds promising but doesnt work.