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Min FOS: 1.$ problem with composites

Question asked by Max P on Mar 22, 2012
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I'm a student and I'm just beginning to get to grips with SolidWorks, but I've hit a bit of a snag that I can't find any reference for.


Let me provide a really simple example of a 1.2m dia x 2m long cylinder, made of a simple revolved surface.   In the simulation it is specificed as 6 layers of carbon fiber/resin, each 0.253mm thick and layed-up in different directions (1deg, 89deg, 75deg, -89deg, -75deg, -1deg).


The bottom of the cylinder is fixed and a pressure of 10psi is applied to the inside of the cylinder. The cylinder should be plenty strong enough for this.


I run the simulation and everything looks good until I add a Factor of Safety result. This is what I then see:Part1-Study 1-Results-Factor of Safety1.jpg

Does anyone know why the "Min FOS" is reading a very unhelpful "1.$" and why the scale is showing numbers so ridiculously large?   Surely the structure isn't *that* strong...


Thanks for any guidance you can offer.