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Modeling a strand - Twisting a sweep along a helical path - Help please!

Question asked by Matt Hoffman on Mar 20, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2012 by Erik Bilello

Hi all -


I've had a very frustrating problem the last few days that I can't get figured out. I need to model a 3 x 7 strand. The 3 means there are 3 wires twisted together into a strand - like this:

1X3 Strand.JPG

And then 7 of these "3 wire" strands are then wound together, with 6 fitting snuggly around the edge of the middle 1 (like a hexagon with something in the middle)


So, I'm starting with the above image, then going into something like this:


3x7 Strand - Help!.JPG

Sweeping along a helical path, which I would then pattern 6 times around the central one.


BUT, if you can see the problem... the outer strand won't "twist" like the central one! When I try to "twist along path" for the sweep, it says "sweep operation failed to complete. Smooth path is needed for sweep with twist"


Please help! I can't figure out what this means or what the problem is. Is there another way to accomplish this without "sweeping with a twist"? Any help is much appreciated.