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Rebuild related question

Question asked by Soha Park on Mar 20, 2012



I've been having some annoying issues and I was hoping that I might be able to find a solution here



Picture 1 shows what the model should look like.  The issue I've been having is circled on the first picture.  It is a large t-slotted plate, 3 of them lined end to end. 



Some history - I originally hid that last plate to balloon some of the items underneath it.  I then decided to balloon in another view so I "re-showed" that part.  Now it seems that everytime I do something to my model where I need to rebuild the drawing, that part is always missing, before the rebuild.


In picture 2, you can see in the part tree that the part in question is not hidden, but it doesn't appear in the drawing.  After a long rebuild, that part will show. 


Another strange thing is that when that part is showing, and I try to rebuild, it'll disappear for maybe the 20%-90% duration of the rebuild process.  It almost seems that in the process of rebuilding, solidworks tells the drawing to hide the part, then later on show it. 


Unrelated -


I also have similar type of problem in one of my assemblies.  I have a sub assembly where everytime I open the file,  the sub-assembly is out of position, but you can't select the model.  I hit rebuild, then it pops back into place and everything is ok. 


Thanks for any suggestions






picture 1.pngpicture 2.png