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    Reaction Forces

      I've not run across this at all. Can you send me your model to check out?


        • Reaction Forces
          Hi Peter, my memory of what was available in v2004 is fuzzy. You should have access to pin forces and reactions at restrants at a minimum. In v2007, we've enabled inter-body (free-body) force output which has been really helpful for a number of assembly analyses I've done. However, without seeing your model, I can't suggest why your forces don't add up.


          • Reaction Forces
            When doing an analysis, i decided to check reaction forces at the faces I had restrained. 4 of the 6 said there was no force, and the other two were wrong. I thought I had a big problem on my hands (re-run all of my simulations), but I set up the study again a little different. The first time I ran I used ctrl to select multiple faces for my restraints. The second time I setup each face separately. The second method provided the correct results.

            I'm posting this for 2 reasons: for whoever else may come across it to have a heads up & to see if it is an issue in 2006/2007?

            Solidworks 2004 SP1 / COSMOS 2004
            • Reaction Forces
              I already changed that particular model to have individual restraints. Once I'm done with this analysis I will see if I can get it to repeat with a single shared restraint, as I can't get it to repeat on other parts so far.

              Related question: where should I expect to find reaction forces in an assembly (it has pin connectors)? I expected I should find the forces at the restraints, but they don't add up correctly, I think about 50% of the reaction force is missing. I am checking on the faces where the restraints are applied. I noticed that one edge that contacts one restrained face provided a reaction force as well.

              Peter Gillespie
              SolidWorks 2004 SP1 / COSMOS 2004