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Structural Packaging Designer (Wisconsin)

Question asked by Brian Cross on Mar 19, 2012

Seeking a Structural Packaging Designer with 5+ years of Design/Engineering experience using 3D SolidWorks, primarily in the CPG industry, for a leading packaging manufacturer in Wisconsin.


Company Overview:

The client company, headquartered in the Midwest, is one of the world’s most advanced providers of turnkey packaging solutions. For over 25 years, this privately owned company has offered state-of-the-art materials and equipment for various packaging needs, as well as package design and delivery services, including custom designed blisters and clamshells; printing and coating services for skin packaging boards; shrink-wrapping, automatic bagging, collating and assembly services; and bar coding, trucking and order fulfillment services.



• Co-Lead product design.

• Great potential to make a significant impact on the company’s business, which can lead to promotions in title and increased responsibilities as the company grows.

• Report directly to the President.

• Manage 2-3 direct reports.


Primary Job Functions (reporting directly to the company President):

• The purpose of this position is to produce high quality product and meet the design requirements for each job for the retail packaging environment.

• Create images using 3D SolidWorks software.

• Determine exact geometry for individual packaging components.

• Design thermoformed blister and clamshells for retail environments.



• A meaningful compensation ($75-90K plus 10% bonus) and relocation package will be developed for the successful candidate.


Required Qualifications:

• Must have high skill level using 3D SolidWorks Software (experience with Artios CAD and Next Engine software is a plus but not required), possess ability to perform math with an emphasis on Geometry, and exhibit the following competencies:

- Job Knowledge: Have competency in required job skills and knowledge; exhibit ability to learn and apply new skills; keep abreast of current developments; require minimal supervision; display understanding of how job relates to others; use resources effectively.

- Quantity of Work: Meet productivity standards; complete work in a timely manner; strive to increase productivity; achieve established goals.

- Quality of Work: Demonstrate accuracy and thoroughness; display commitment to excellence; look for ways to improve and promote quality; apply feedback to improve performance; monitor own work to ensure quality.

- Reasoning Ability: Apply common sense understanding to carry out written or oral instructions; be able to deal with problems involving concrete variables in standardized situations; use sound judgment, utilizing company procedures and policies, when making decisions.

- Innovation: Display original thinking and creativity; meet challenges with resourcefulness; generate suggestions for improving work; develop innovation approaches and ideas.

- Initiative: Volunteer readily, undertaking self-development activities and seeking increased responsibilities; take independent actions and calculated risks; look for and take advantage of opportunities.

- Project Management: Develop project plans, coordinate projects and communicate changes and progress; complete projects on time and budget.

- Cost Consciousness: Work within approved budget, conserving organizational resources; develop and implement cost saving measures; contribute to profits and revenue.



* To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter, preferably in MS Word format, to Brian Cross at A fully detailed, formal specification will be sent to “top-level”, qualified candidates.