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Assembly Problems - Schoolproject

Question asked by Eric Petersson on Mar 19, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2012 by Daen Hendrickson

Hello there!


My name is Eric Petersson and I come frome Sweden. We have currently got a SolidWorks-project for school to be handed in just 3 weeks from now on. I'm designing a radio-controlled car as precisouly as I can. The car looks something like this:

"Se picture 1"


I'm starting to round up the project, but have faced some problems in the assembly-part. One of the axises to the wheels need to be mated somehow to each other, and I don't know how. Here's a picture of the problem:

"Se picture 2"

The straight plane of the connector needs to be connected with the axis to the wheel. However the axis to the wheel has a degreed layout in the model, as well as in the real model. You could describe my problem something like this: "I need to connect these to faces to each other and make them concentrical."

"Se picture 3"

Those two faces need to be mated together. In the reality, the axis lies on a bolt and makes its own axis around that bolt.


One final problem is the 4:th picture's:

"Se picture 4.


In this picture I need to mate togehter the axis to another connector by making the holes concentrical somehow. Have a look at the green circular marks.

If the pictures and parts does not work correctly, please respond back.


Best regards, a desperate student!

So I've got 2 problems in one case and really need some help with these, eversince nor me or my teacher can fix any of them on our own.


I'm also sending the parts etc. if someone would be kind enough to straighten these problems up and have a more specific look at it.


Best regards, a desparate student!