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Strange EPDM Conversion Task Behavior

Question asked by Nick Kamenszky on Mar 19, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2012 by Nick Kamenszky

Since upgrading to EPDM2012 SP2 and SW2012 SP2, I'm having trouble with running conversion tasks. In particular, it's my PDF conversion task but other conversions may be affected as well but I've not noticed yet. We've already performed the file version upgrade to the entire Vault, so all SW files are in 2012 version.


An example of the problem:

I selected 10 files to convert to PDF. Nine of them converted just fine and the resultant PDF's have today's date, but one of them has errors and the PDF has a date from 4 days ago. I can delete all 10 PDF's and run the conversion again, and I get the same exact result -- 9 good, and the same one is errant with the same wrong date.


The convert log has an entry as follows:

Method call ModelDocExtension::SaveAs for document '[FILE LOCATION AND NAME REMOVED].pdf' failed. Error code 1 returned.


Also, see attached for the task log error screen.


Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.