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    Edit Rhino files using 'right-click' in feature-tree?

    Scott Borstad

      I recently upgraded from SW2011 to 2012.  Our office uses Rhino a lot, and I need the capability of opening rhino files from SW... but in 2011 I used to be able open a Rhino model and have it import, click no to 'run diagnostics', then right-click on one of the imported surface features that were listed in the file tree and be given two options:

      1) Edit in Rhino

      2) Refresh

      Both were very useful, and they would do excatly what they woudl indicate... allowing the user to make changes to surfaces in Rhino and bring those changes in seamlessly to SW.

      After install, I lost this capability.  I called my VAR and they were able to verify that they had the right-click functionality using the same rhino file in both SW2011 and SW2012.  Under their guidance I:

      -uninstalled Rhino

      -did a clean uninstall of SW

      -reinstalled Rhino V4sr0

      -re-installed SW2012sp2.0

      The above didn't solve the problem though, and I still don't have the functionality of 'edit in Rhino' and 'refresh'.

      I urgently need a fix for this one... if anyone has run across this behaviour or has seen this before, I would really appreciate a message.

      Thanks a bunch!


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          Anna Wood

          Was your reseller using the same versions of both Rhino and SolidWorks that you have on your machine?


          Have you asked the question on the Rhino forums as well?





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              Scott Borstad

              Thanks for the reply Anna.

              Yes, the versions of both SW and Rhino are the same with my var and with my installation.

              Did I miss an installation option I wonder? I don't recall any prompts regarding Rhino/SW interaction....


              I'll elaborate a bit more: We have several installations of SW2012 and SW011 sharing one SW license in the office using SNL.  Both users who are on SW2011 installations have the two Rhino options available, while myself and another user with SW2012 installations have noticed that the functionality has 'vanished'.


              I just got a message this evening from my VAR rep that he downloaded an evaluation copy of Rhino SR4v9 and with SW2012 has the options. 


              I haven't posted this in a Rhino forum yet.  I'll do that tomorrow, thanks for the suggestion.

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                  Scott Borstad

                  Up and running now.  After a day and a half of troubleshooting with my VAR, we discovered that this right-click functionality only runs in SW2012 if SW2011 is also installed.  It's a problem with registering dlls maybe, and is likely due to 32-bit vs 64-bit architecture.  My VAR is following up with Solidworks.


                  For any users out there that might have this problem, make sure to have SW2011 installed.  If you have only SW2012 (I had sp2 running), then you'll lose the right-click functionality too.