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DXF changing orientation when exported from part?

Question asked by Eric Porter on Mar 19, 2012

So I run into this orientation issue when I right-click on a part and export a dxf/dwg.


Sometimes the dxf is properly oriented as per the top view orientation of the part.


Othertimes I get the bottom view of the part, so the dxf is flipped.


The problem comes when you think the dxf is ok, have it cut and formed, and then realize it was formed backwards...


Any ideas how to get the orientation to "stick?"


I should add that when you export faces the dxf is usually accurate.  Exporting sheetmetal has more issues.  Not sure why, as I'd think the faces option would be less accurate.


Export Sheetmetal: (DXF Orientation Flipped)

dxforientation sm.jpg

Export Faces: (DXF Orientation Correct)

dxforientation faces.jpg