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Istalling SolidWorkd Student Edition The 150 dollar 1 year license

Question asked by Dan Gordon on Mar 16, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2012 by Scott McFadden
SolidWorks is a good program.  I have gone back to school after almost 20 years to learn a new trade.  I selected CAD.  SolidWorks is the program I enjoy most.  I've reached a brick wall though.  Through school I received the 150 day student design kit.  It expired in late Feb. of this year.  I have 1 semester left for my SolidWorks basic cert.  I decided to purchase the 1 year Student Edition from SolidWorks directly to install on the same laptop I had the Kit running on. (with 3 young kids and a wife who works second shift it's easier to do home work at home).  I have tried for a week now to install this $150 kit and it will not install!  It will get to about 37 to 39% and roll back.  The SolidWorks program itself does not install.  I have projects due this coming Tuesday and I need help.  I've tried removing all traces of SolidWorks from my hard drive, shutting down firewalls and antivirus'.  Installing from the disc copied to the hard drive.  Installing files one at a time. One error I received was serial # invalided.  I've check that countless times.  SOMEONE  PLEASE HELP