Summary BOM table - how?

Discussion created by Guest on Sep 8, 2006
If I understand you correctly, then you need to use the configuration properties manager to set the partnumber. Just go to the configuration tab behind the feature manager tree of the part and set your custom part number to match the file name.

Or, the way I prefer is to insert a design table in which the header row uses "$PARTNUMBER" and/or "prp@Number". The former sets the configuration number (sort of the same as if you had done it in the configuration manager) that will feed the "PART NUMBER" column of the default BOM, while the latter will set the Configuration Number (found in the Custom Properties/Configuration Specific Tab). The advantage to this is that you can easily use a basic file name and add a dash number or similar that will show when that configuration is used in an assembly. BUT you would have to set the BOM to recognize the "Number" property in this case, which is pretty easy with the SW BOM table.

I can get you some screen shots if that might help...