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Flat pattern will not update with feature modifications to formed part.

Question asked by Thomas Morness on Mar 15, 2012

I have SolidWorks 2011 with SP5.0 installed, Microsoft Excel 2003 with SP3


We have template modeled parts that are used regularly and were created in earlier versions of SW. We use these as is but saving them into a new file name. A great deal of these new files are modified by changing features (holes, notches, flange lengths…) and after these modifications the default flat pattern for this file will not update automatically. It also will not update automatically after adding a new edge flange. Our work around at this time is to show configuration of the default flat pattern, select the Feature Manager design tree, and recompile the Flat-Pattern. In the case of additional edge flanges these would need to be unsuppressed. Go back into the configuration manager and check if all updating to the default flat pattern is now correct. Then show configuration of the default. Open up the drawing format to update drawing file.


My question is there a setting within SW that needs adjustment to allow automatic updating of the default flat pattern?

Or is this a bug in SW2011 to report? Prior SW versions were not a problem and trusted the flat pattern represented the modified part file?