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Fluid convection effects from SolidWorks flow simulation in thermal transient analysis

Question asked by Radu Popovici on Mar 16, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2012 by Radu Popovici

Guys, I am trying to apply the convection “effects” from a flow simulation to a Thermal transient analysis. Did anyone actually make it work?

I ran the flow simulation under the same configuration name, and later setup a thermal analysis. Usually I define a constant convection coefficient for all surfaces in contact with the hot fluid, but this is a far shot for getting accurate results. I found the option in the simulation properties and give it a try. The file loads successfully in the analysis properties tab. Then I suppress the convection under the thermal loads and run the simulation but results show no heat transfer from the fluid to the solid.

The only documentation I found was under “Types of Heat Transfer Analysis” section of the SolidWorks help:

  • Fluid convection option. Reads the convection coefficient calculated from a completed Flow Simulation study on the same configuration from a file. Select the desired Flow Simulation Result Files (*.fld) that has been generated by Flow Simulation . The model name, configuration name, and flow iteration number associated with the specified file are displayed. This option is not available for 2D simplification studies.

Any hint will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance, regards.