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    Network connection lost errors.

    Gordon Rigg

      I had a lot of problems with network connection lost errors to the parts in my assemblies since upgrading from SW2011 to 12. (SW2011 SP5).

      The error pops up on save, and asks that you save over the previous copy of each part. Its a worry, but we haven't yet lost any data.

      Something made SW2011 extremely fussy about its network connection and google reveals this is an extremely common issue with no easy solution (but no recent reports, eveything dates fromlast year).


      By fiddling with my kaspersky settings I managed to almost completely eliminate this from my machine (diavble file antivirus, put solidworks.exe in the trusted zone) - but it is still an issue on my colleagues machine despite duplicating all those settings.

      Both are running win7 x64 with 8Gb ram with FX1700 graphics cards on the last certified driver. I updastes the network card driver  on the problem machine and disabled all the network card power save functions.

      The only significant difference is the speed of the problem machines processor - slightly faster than mine (good pc is i5 750, bad pc is i5 2500). solidworks is running quite badly on the i5 2500 machine with many long pauses especially on opening and saving which I think is due to the network connection issues, but it also regularly hangs and crashes unlike the i5 750 machine.

      I swapped the network wire from one machine to the other and the issue stays with the pc - so its not anything in the wiring between PC and server.



      Has anyone who had this issue found it less of a problem in 2012? or found a solution to the problem?

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          Remo Frey

          We had this issue with SW2010 approx every 2-3 days. Now with SW2012 SP2 this issue occurs every hour. We have changed nothing else than upgraded from SW2010 SP5 to SW2012 SP2 and updated the graphicsdriver as SW recommends.


          We are running XP-32Bit and Win7-64Bit. And I have to say that SW2010 and SW2012 are hanging very often on Win7-64Bit. When we use the ressource monitor from the Win7 taskmanager it tells all the time that SW is waitung for network I/O but the user has 'just clicked' some icon.


          Our files are stored on a NAS attached to a microsoft small-business server 2003 with AD (I know that NAS is not officialy supportet by SW, but previusly the files where on the microsoft sbs and we had the same issues).


          My thought is also the anti-virus or the firewall settings. We are using g-data antivirus software and all the SW-files and folders are excluded this is a realy long list.


          still waiting for a solution (since 2010)

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              Gordon Rigg

              I wonder, is this issue not addressed by solidworks because they expect us to use SW PDM, even when we only have two users?

              With regard to the inti-virus - I'm using kespersky. The -problem was cured omn one machine by switching the AV off, then genwerating some settings to exclude the SW files, but on the other machine switching thre AV off doesn't help at all.

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                  Remo Frey

                  Finally we have found the solution !!!!!

                  On the client side the network is configured (by microsoft) to dissconect after 15min without traffic. This is stored in the registry and can only be changed by editing the registry. please read Microsoft KB297684 carfully for details.

                  If you are a crack I will tell you in a short, change or add the following two reg-keys on every client computer:








                  You will not have any more disconnections


                  Plese post if this was helpfull or not for you too.

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                    Remo Frey

                    I forgot to tell about the second Setting which have to be done:

                    1. The NIC of the workstation to be configured to disable the "Flowcontrol"
                    2. The NIC of the server has to be configured to disable the "Flowcontrol"
                    3. If the NIC is connected to a switch (this is usually the case). The switch has to be set "Flowcontrol" to disabled too for the used connections (On most switches this the default setting)
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                        Hadleigh Murad

                        I have this problem too, but as a user and not an administrator, i do not have rights to change the registry and I think most people in the company won't even attempt to touch it. (i would, but am not authorised) probably like most people on this forum.


                        There must be a way of solving this "connection was lost trying to save..." problem, other than changing the registry.


                        I dont think i've had this problem with solidworks 2011.

                        Am using windows 7 x64 bit, with very similar specs to you Gordon. 


                        This is driving me nuts, as all assemblies have rebuild errors, mate errors and worst of all, missing parts. *(yes as in, parts open are completely invisible and no sign of a feature tree, NOTHING.)


                        Has anyone else been able to solve this issue...?