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Import issues, does anybody...

Question asked by chris clouser on Mar 15, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2012 by chris clouser

have trouble importing iges and step files?


Do you have a problem importing a file and you get errors when you analyze the geometry and sometimes surfaces where there should be solids?


I think quite often it is due to the Zero Thickenss Geometry Error.


When we try to import geometry from another CAD system that can handle ZTG or even an assembly that has been turned into a part, it may fail due to the ZTG Error.


This happens to me all the time. 


for instance, if one was trying to import a roller bearing, and the bearing was saved as a part in another CAD system (NOTE: it could not be saved as a single part in SolidWorks, unless it was a multi-bodied part, because of ZTG), then there is an anomaly where the bearing actually touches the bearing race.  This is a single line of tangency that SolidWorks can not understand.


Because of this, SolidWorks users are handicapped when they need to import geometry from other CAD systems.  I spend a tremendous amount of time trying to clean up imported CAD models to use in SolidWorks because of this.  Often there is no way to fix it and I am left with a part that has a bunch of solids in it (parts which SolidWorks did understand and convert) as well as a bunch of partially-formed surfaces (parts which SolidWorks couldn't figure out).


Myself and others have also posted dozens of other problems due to the ZTG error.


When will SolidWorks figure out this ancient problem?????