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SolidWorks Identifier Files

Question asked by James Bailey on Mar 15, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2014 by Gianni Nardoia

Here are a couple problems that I'm having with SolidWorks as of late - any solutions out there that I've been unable to find?


  • Re-reference component while assembly is open - pretty sure that SolidWorks doesn't allow this, but is this something that they could allow or implement?
  • When opening SolidWorks from Windows Explorer, force SolidWorks to only open in one window (rather than creating a new instance of SolidWorks) - this one is especially annoying.
  • Hide file prefixes - whenever I open up a SolidWorks file, a cache file is created in its directory. There must be some way to hide it or at least make it open somewhere else where it isn't in the way. Also, sometimes even after a restart of SolidWorks and my computer, I can't get the cache file to go away (by deleting) - it simply comes back after a successful delete. The prefix is denoted by a "~$" in front of all the cache files.






I've tried everything from editing the registry, setting the folder options to hide system files and other sorts of files, and I've set other miscellaneous settings such as the taskbar options to always combine.