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Summary Info & EPDM

Question asked by Kevin Stickels on Mar 14, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2012 by Jerry Steiger


I have a couple of questions but not even sure I'm in the right thread. Anyway, I'm trying to set up a "standard" Summary Information block for all models, assemblies, and drawings that is populated by SW EPDM metadata. Is there a way to re-arrange the order of the Custom & Configuration Specific properties that are in existing files or shall I get to recreate them? My goal is to develop the Summary Info based on variables from EPDM (and vice versa). Done a few but have to work on legacy data. I have the EPDM variables created and many are already tracked to the model & drawing data. 

Anyone have experience in this realm? The fun part is the legacy properties are not consistent and I will ultimately have to go through every single file. Luckily, only a few hundred at the moment that are of major concern.