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Doesn't actually solve mates when opening files

Question asked by Gregory Page on Mar 15, 2012

Continuing work with my assembly that has a u-joint ... When I open the top assembly, which has the drive system with u-joints as a sub assembly, SW never actually solves the mate alignment when you open the file, it always displays the joints in a random orientation.  There are no errors listed in the model tree so I'm guessing it "thinks" it solved the mates, so maybe it is just that it doesn't actually display the geomtery that it has modeled.  Selecting rebuild has no effect.  Only if I open the drive subassembly does it "magically" wake up and correctly display the joint orientations.  Whn I then go back to the top assembly they are then shown correctly. 


I've saved the assembly many times when it is showing as correct so I don't think it is just that it has an old snapshot image of the unsolved geometry.


Is there another hidden setting I need to select to tell it yes, please update models with the real current geometry and display what is really being modeled when opening them?