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Porous Media - Unidirectional: Having trouble defining new direction/coordinate system

Question asked by dink dinkler on Mar 14, 2012
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Hey guys/gals,


I am working with a porous media assembly model that I am looking to do a full scope analysis run on and there are a few identical parts that have a uniaxial porous media I am modeling within.


Here is the issue -

1 - The porous media faces are not parallel, so I cannot get away with just employing the "Global Coordinate System"

2 - I cannot use symmetry to just be able to use one of these porous media and call it a day. In fact I have set up symmetry as far as I possibly can.

3 - When I select the "Global Coordinate System" under the "Edit Definition" option, I don't seem to have any sort of opportunity to select a different coordinate system.