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    simulation, stress analysis

    Shifteh Einollahzadeh

      I have just started using SolidWorks and I'm having trouble running stress analysis. my main two questions are; first, if there is a way to have a point force instead of distributed force on a part when you're running simulation express. Second, if I can run simulation on an assembly (not just a part).


      Thank you!

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          Anthony Botting

          Hi Shifteh and Welcome!

          Answers: 1) sort of, and 2) yes.


          For 1), It will let you apply a force to a finite area, but the area can be very, very small. You can sketch a very small area on a face of your structure (maybe a very small circle), then use the "Spline Line" function to split the face. Then, you can apply the force to that very small circular face. The command is (from sketch mode) "Insert/Curve/Split Line", then select the face to split. Voila. It's very nice.

          For 2). If you have an assembly and the material is the same for all parts (SimulationXpress only allows one material), one way is to insert an empty (non-existent) part. Then, use the "Join" command to stick all the parts together. Another way is to save the assembly file as a part file type, then use the "Combine" command to stick all the "bodies" together.



          2) "Join" command method: Insert/component/New part. Select a face or plane to locate the Front plane of the new part. Exit sketch mode. I recommend to right-click on the part in the FeatureManager tree and save it as an external part file, with a unique name. Next, menu item "Insert/Features/Join".  You can now click on parts you want to join. I believe there is an option to hide the selected parts after the command is done. Now, open the new part into it's own window. Voila!


          2) "Combine" command method: In the assembly, choose File/Save As... and choose the file type for "part". There is an option to click on "Geometry to save" - choose "all components", to get the solids.  Next, open the new part. There should be more than one body in the tree, so choose "Insert/Features/Combine". The "add" option will prompt to click on bodies to join. There should now be only one body in the tree. Viola.


          Hope this helps - Anthony